Programming Should Save Time & Increase Revenue

Great programming should increase a gym’s revenue and make their coaches more money.  

When I first opened my gym in 2015, I was the programmer. And the cleaner. And the coach. And . . . everything else. It took me about a month to realize I had to get it off my plate. I loved it, but to do it right was time-consuming, and my attention was needed elsewhere if we were going to grow. 

The first thing I did was hand it off to our head coach.

They did great, but it was still a time suck. 

And it was expensive. 

A few months later, we outsourced it to a third party and reinvested the coach’s efforts back to our clients and operations. This was the first time our programming started to make us money. Because it was done for us, we could focus on developing personal relationships and refining our service. 

In early 2020 as we were shopping for a new programming company, we wanted something that promised to increase retention, focus on our client’s goals, and help our coaches advance their careers.

We couldn’t find it, so we built Two-Brain Programming. 

If you are a TBB Growth client, you can access our Tier 1 option in your Roadmaps. We sell it for $129/month, but you get it for free. 

Group Coaching Highway – Milestone 5

Use it to save yourself time and focus on more critical tasks. Give it to your coaches so they can have deeper conversations with clients and help them achieve their goals through private training or nutrition coaching.  

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